Rocky Mountain Xeriscaping

Beautiful, environmentally-friendly landscaping, serving Davis County. Fully licensed and insured.


A better way to landscape.

Conserve water

Plants properly chosen for our desert environment require little to no watering.

Save money

Lawn maintenance is expensive. Spend less on maintenance, and less on your water bill!

Save time

Xeriscaped landscapes require far less maintenance than traditional lawns. Don't worry about weeding, watering, or mowing!

Reduce pesticide/fertilizer use

Keep your children and pets safe by skipping on toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

"Was a pleasure working with Sam on my new park strip. Would highly recommend!"
Dave Reynolds, Client

Our Services


Park Strip
Park Strip Conversion

Park strip conversions are a great first step in xeriscaping. Many cities offer rebates to help offset the cost of this conversion.

Turf Install
Turf Installation

Turf is another great way to save water in Utah's dry climate, while preserving area for outdoor recreation.

General Landscaping

Contact us for any general landscaping, xeriscaping, or grading needs!